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Default E46 M3 IKE Questions

I am recently the proud owner of a E46 M3 (MY04) SMG. The car is in top shape for its age, however, it has a couple of problems with the instrument cluster.

Problem 1: the tachometer (after doing its little self test) flicks around to full tilt (as if the engine were doing 13000 rpm)... at this stage I am yet to start the car. Car starts and operates as normal - speedometer works as it should. Tacho needle remains at 13,000 RPM - until I turn off the car, at which point it returns to rest position.

Problem 2: The odometer shows PPPPP.... I have done a little research on this (thankyou, professor google) and it appears this is as a result of corrupt data in the IKE / evidence of tampering. PA Soft said something about an unknown algorithm.....

I have tried with PA soft to clear codes and do software reset on the IKE - which hasn't eventuated in any different results. I did purchase the car with these little bugs, but had no idea what I may be up for here in Australia to have a dealer replace the cluster (its crazy money).

I did buy the car a bit emotionally, it is just a beautiful thing and the IKE dramas seemed like small issues. Now they are causing me some grief as (a) how can you have such a car without a function tacho (b) a functioning odometer is required here to pass a roadworthy certificate, which in turn is required so I can transfer and register the car.

Now - I am a little tech savvy (well, can do most thing with the right guidance and supervision) - and have the following questions for those who might be able to help:

1. Can I buy a used cluster from a wrecker and just "pop it in"? I am not to fussed about mileage at this point (though it would be nice to have it consistent with my books and the rest of the car) what I need is and tachometer and odometer that works. I hear scuttlebutt about tamper dots (which again, don't overly concern me, but if can be avoided would be good)

2. Further to my previous question - and a little more tricky, can I fit a cluster from a UK m3 (MPH cluster) and switch out the dial faces (looks easy enough... and even trickier, change odometer to read in KM (as the Australian delivered M3's all show KM only) instead of miles?

3. I want to ask about dump files and coding - but might be getting ahead of myself. I would love to have my original cluster fixed, but for the time being I am hoping I can purchase a known working unit to get me going. Anybody here know where I might get a good dump file for my existing cluster?

I would be most grateful to hear from anyone out there who has performed similar surgery / transplant / IKE repair on a E46.

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