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Old 10-27-2014, 02:46 AM
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Default E60 Reset Brake Pad Sensors Using Tool32 or INPA

If you're like me and accidentally reset your brake pad sensors before you actually changed them, you likely see ----- or -15000km on your dashboard when you tried again to reset.

I was resetting my spark plugs interval and accidently reset the brake pad sensors at the same time. Now I am stuck with a Red light and a "replace brake pads" error no matter how many times I try to reset it through the hidden menu. FYI: The pads and sensors were recently replaced (had 90% remaining on the pads when I accidentally reset it). The sensors are not worn and intact also.

I have purchased an OBD and installed all the software. INPA, TIS, Tool32, Diaghead all work and communicate with the car fine. I got past the hurdle of installing it all, it's working - I just don't know how to use any of it! Help!

I found the following instructions in a google search:

Put your key into the ignition and press the Start button to turn on the car (press twice I believe). Do NOT start the car though (do not touch the brake pedal when you press the Start button).

Plug your OBDII cable into your laptop and car.

Open up Tool32.exe (in the C:\EDIABAS\BIN folder).
Open File (or just press F3) 'DSC_87.PRG' (in the ECU folder).
In the left Column, under Jobs, choose CBS_RESET.

To reset Front brake pad sensors, under center column (Arguments), type:
Click Jobs menu and select Start Job Once Only (or just press F5)

To reset Rear brake pad sensors, under center column (Arguments), type:
Click Jobs menu and select Start Job Once Only (or just press F5)

Turn off the car
Disconnect the OBDII cable
Put the key back in your pocket
Start the car (press brake and push start)

If your problem was the same as mine, it should now be fixed.
Front brakes should read 25,000 miles
Rear brakes should read 31,000 miles

However I get the following result:

apiJob("DSC_87","cbs_reset","Br_h;100;31;255;255;8 000h;Fh;FFh;FFh;00h","")

Satz : 0
OBJECT = dsc_87
JOBNAME = cbs_reset
Satz : 1
_TEL_AUFTRAG = 18 Bytes
000 : 8F 29 F1 2E 10 01 01 06 64 1F 1F 40 00 00 FF FF )..... d..@..
010 : 00 00 ..
_TEL_ANTWORT = 7 Bytes
000 : 83 F1 29 7F 2E 12 5C ƒ)..\

The brake pad sensor error light and message still appear. They won't reset.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have spent two days on this, I really appreciate any assistance or direction please! (I have teamviewer if anyone would like to remote connect while connected to the car). Thank you

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Old 07-12-2015, 05:52 PM
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My problem with this forum is that it identifies many problems but very few solutions. Did you have any luck getting rid of the brake pad sensor error via coding/programming?
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