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Old 07-27-2014, 08:30 PM
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Default How to Code OBC on 99 Z3 Coupe


I just retrofitted a used OBC on my 99īZ3 2.8 Coupe.
It came out of a 4 Cylinder car and now the MPG readings are way off.

Can anyone tell me how to code the computer to the 6 cylinder mode?

I tried with NCS Expert but I wasnīt even able to see the OBC anywhere.

I am using a BMW DCAN D+K+P USB Interface that DOES NOT have ADS-capabilities.

Do I need an ADS interface to see the OBC in DIS and NCS-Expert? Or do I really need to see a BMW dealer to get this coded?

Kind regards from Austria,


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Old 09-29-2015, 08:02 PM
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Hi Burly!

I'm retrofitted a same OBC in my 1995 Compact (The obc is same in e36/5 & E36/7)
I have an ADS, and fully working EDIABAS setup.
I found a way for solve your problem, in NCS:
First, modify your car's SA or VO number with NCS Expert
This number contains the descriptions of the fitted extras.
Search a generator (ie: BMW SA generator), and a tutorial how can modify.

If the SA modified, The NCS read all modules, and then you can reprogram the OBC. Maybe.

I'm now see the OBC module, but i can't reprogram proper.
All the settings stored, but the only one function bit "OBC enabled" is "nicht_aktiv" anyway (...and then NCS send me an error message, because the sended, and readed config not same)

I have four OBC, two working, and two "sleeping": one 316i for M43, and one for 318ti for M42 (for future purposes ), and two "clock" (only the clock working, because the enable bit is '0' )
I'm only code the "locked" OBC-s!

Maybe the fully coded OBC work proper with NCS Expert.

The another way the direct coding with Tool32, but that is fully NASA technology...

Sorry for my english, not my primary language
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Old 10-16-2015, 07:37 AM
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Default Adding back display to existing OBC in 1999 Z3 - needs coding?

Hi Mr Jake,

Sounds like you are much further down the path than me. I have a facelift Z3 with factory fitted OBC (round shaped klater one). The display is missing but the other parts are there. If I get a second-hand display (also from a 6 cylinder car) do you know if I will I need to code it to the car?
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Old 10-29-2015, 02:39 AM
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Hy Albany!

Maybe not need the code if the donor car's engine family same (number of cylinders, and type ie: M52B25 as a 323ti...etc) no need code, just plug & play.

Check your wiring before you buy:
-The OBC connector have 12pin, but only 11 wire connected, (the Standard clock module have 4 wire only: Ground, Battery 12V, Accessory 12V, and the Illumination 12V) If you only 4 wire in our connector, need retrofit the wiring harness!

If you buy a second hand OBC Module, check the module before pay (if you want):
- Add 12V to the Pin 5 & Pin 10 (Batt & Accessory)
- Add Ground (Battery negative) to the pin 6
- Short several times the pin 1 to Pin 6 aka 'pull ground' (this emulate the BC button)

If the BC Display "paging" The BC is working, and coded. If not, and show only the Clock, or PPP, the module is 'locked'
Maybe need a "cutted" wiring harnes to easy check...
( for wiring check page 279: [Only for registered users... ] )

If the engine family isn't same (ie M43TUB19...etc etc), the OBC measure wrong .
2 config data important:
-Injection pulse
All another coding variables same in all Z3/E36 Compact.

If you need check this numbers, need a working INPA, and OBD cable.
If you want code/recode this parameters, you need the program: NCS expert.

Regards, Imre
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