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Old 08-26-2018, 02:04 AM
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Exclamation Made a Valiant Attempt to BRICK the CAS Module and Failed (luckily). HELP!

Attention Coding Experts

I believe that I might have ruined a module or two on my 07/10 build date E82/2011 128i. But would like to know from a knowlegable person if there is something I'm missing or a way to hack in and reset the modules back to stock without being able to connect in the standard way via INPA -OR- NCSexpert due to some errors caused by coding mistakes I made yesterday. - Failing to overwrite code text in FSW_PSW.MAN file intended for another module, and possibly coding that junk into the CAS module by accident.

(I know that's a huge mistake, and I'm generally very thorough with computers and files as I do a lot of work with various windows programs). I simply saved the modified .TRC file as [FSW_PSW.MAN.txt] by accident, and ran coding operation with the previous junk code in the .MAN file. - To make matters worse I did not realize the mistake immediately and attempted to FA_Write to add Bluetooth to the VO. So that might add complexity to the issue. When I ran that later operation it kicked back a lot of errors which was the first indication I screwed up.

Luckily, the car seemed to reject most of the junk. Or at least did not reset itself or totally brick the module. I can still lock/unlock and drive the car. So even though I was able to connect before hand, Now I cannot get two black dots in INPA. Also, on loading NCSexpert, selecting Profile, F1, F3, and attempting to select CAS, or NFRM or the other of the three ECUs it fails to connect or read VIN/FA information. And returns these errors below;

[18:05:13.562] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] 2000 Error LFCDHDIA.CPP (A_PL2KMB.IPS/IPO) CDHapiResultText 1
[18:05:13.562] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] Error in EDIABAS or in ECU description file (SGBD) IFH-0018: Initialization error KOMB87

[18:05:13.562] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] 2000 Error COAPI2.CPP coapiRunCabd 6
[18:05:13.562] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] Error in EDIABAS or in ECU description file (SGBD) CODIERINDEX_LESEN

[18:05:13.562] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] 2000 Error COAPI.CPP coapiReadCodierIndexFromSg 5
[18:05:13.562] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] Error in EDIABAS or in ECU description file (SGBD) CODIERINDEX_LESEN: A_PL2KMB

[18:05:13.593] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] 4459 Trace CVT_PROC.C GetCvtFile 11
[18:05:13.593] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] CVT invalid (Job expression not present, no true job expression found) _Baureihe

[18:05:13.593] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] 1000 Error COAPI.CPP coapiGetFswPswFromAsw 2
[18:05:13.593] [2018-08-25] [SERIE] Error

Here is my setup;
Dell D630 running Windows XP
Onestop $100 FTDI Cable, v2.12.28 or latest driver. Set COM1 & Latency 1.
INPA v5.0.6, .ini files set COM1 & STD:OBD (also ran the command prompt setup file, cant remember name).
NFS/WinKPt/KMM are v5.2.9/5.3.1/4.31.1 (Whatever that means)
EDIABAS Version Checker (VC.EXE file) Returns v2.6
Just deleted and reinstalled E89 Daten file again and updated NCS/INPA/NFS via the BMW Coding tool automatic process.

I know to check for the latest Datens, I've spent days trying to get everything together leading up to this and believe I have the newest and greatest of everything. And every google search for my problems returns 1,000 people no smarter than myself offering "update datens" as a solution, well I have, and no luck. So don't tell me again please. In fact this exact setup worked flawlessly to program several features including the BC digital speedometer before I messed up. Then after proceeding in screwing everything up I can no longer connect to the car AND everything on the car appears to still work as intended, I just drove 100-miles today, between 0-80 mph, 5,000-10,000 elevation.

IMHO, Presumably the CAS module is still working, and retained much of its factory code. Possibly just wound up adding the junk lines somewhere and is now working around them.

Obviously, one can probably just replace the modules affected but mine is still working and intact. Also, there is no telling If i will be able to establish a connection afterward if something is truly wrong elsewhere with the car or my hardware/software setup. So I don't want to replace the physical CAS or NFRM or all of them since I/m not even sure whats going on currently.

So, my question is multi-part:Has anyone else ever totally botched a coding session like this with similar results?

And If So; Is there a process to establish a connection to the car and reset those jacked up modules to factory defaults? Or a coding feature to force a reset via a predetermined path, without a proper stable connection?

If anyone knows the root of the problem and/or can offer an effective solution I would be in your debt.

Please don't spam basic information I can get elsewhere, I'm tired of reading endless noise and opinions of others who don't even know any more than me on the subject.

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Old 08-26-2018, 10:32 AM
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Iím sure Iím one of the ďidiotsĒ but still. Did you try to connect with Esys?
If you can connect there you can insert a new FA file (hopefully you made back up files of the FA file and modules). You can also fdl code the effected modules back to stock.
Shawnsheridan or Almaretto might be able to help you, they are really the experts on this.

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Old 08-26-2018, 03:42 PM
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Thank you arildopc,

I don't have a copy of E-Sys, as I believed it to be an F-series program. If it can connect to 2011 E82 via OBDII then I can give it a shot.

I'm not sure how the FLD Coding works. My problem really seems to be the fact I'm now unable to connect to the car with INPA or NCSExpert, and therefore unable to over write or reset the modules since I'm not even connected.

Here is the process;

>Open INPA = No black dots/no connection
>Close INPA = EDIABAS v7.3.0 Taskbar closes, instead of remaining open.

>Open NCSexpert
>load expertmode
>Select F1 (FG/ZCS/FA)
>Select F3 (ZCS/FA f. ECU)
>Select Chassis (E89)
>Choose ECU
All three options are CAS, FRM, NFRM. Choosing any of them results in the previous error messages. The program fails to read VIN or VO.

The program was previously able to connect, and there are several changes that remain functional. The car still starts, runs and drives like normal so I believe the modules are still working, but unhappy or contain junk code, or just not able to connect now.

I've extracted and reinstalled e89 Daten files with BMW Coding tool, so that should be a good install. I'm using the best K+DCAN cable available running its latest drivers and properly setup.

I guess my question is, Based on the error log, is there an advanced method of establishing a connection to the car at this point in order to reset or write the saved OEM code back onto those modules?
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Old 08-26-2018, 07:48 PM
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Default Solved

Well, Now I'm even more confused. It seems to have fixed itself.

The only thing I've done with the PC since these issues was confirm all DCAN cable settings, and extract/install a fresh e89 Daten file via BMW Coding Tool.
(that was yesterday, and didn't help at that time).

So I spent this morning messing around on the coding laptop, all I really did was confirm the OBD.ini and EDIABAS.ini files, they checked out fine. Found a random Second OBD.ini file via windows file search and deleted it. Then Uninstalled the FTDI v2.12.28 driver and reinstalled it, reconfigured the cable and left it plugged in the USB port while walking to the car.

Plugged everything in...

And INPA still would not connect.

So I unplugged the cable from the car, rebooted the laptop, and started up the car and let it idle for a minute, then shut it off.
I opened and closed the driver door, inserted key, hit start once... plugged in the cable and Loaded INPA. It works now!

Confirmed everything checked out, then opened NCSexpert and quickly (but very thoroughly) tracked down the original saved CAS file, saved as FSW_PSW.MAN and executed SG_Cordeirdaten on the CAS module ASAP.

Car is happy.

Then to try my luck again, I followed a couple (inaccurate) tutorials to activate Bluetooth. I now have Bluetooth via adding $644 to VO and performing FA_Write to CAS & NFRM modules. Followed by a proper SG_RESET of the 2MULF & CIC modules. Phone option displays on screen and my cellphone now connects via Bluetooth if left in the trunk. Cool.

I think a combination of the following is really all the actions I performed between the time I was able to code the car, messed it up and lost connection ability after coding junk onto the CAS, and now am able to code again.

#1 taking a very long 2-3 hour drive in the mountains to fully charge the somewhat drained battery. (Old Fall River Rd, Rocky Mountain Ntnl. Park).
#2 letting the car sleep over night on a full battery
#3 Deleting the FTDI cable drivers and reinstalling the same FTDI v2.12.28
#4 Setting up COM1 & Lat1 again in device manager & confirming proper settings in the OBD.ini & EDIABAS.ini files (they were fine).
#5 Also deleted a second OBD.ini file or link that I found via windows file search which might have helped.
#6 Extracting and installed (the same) late e89 Daten files I had previously been successful with, while it did not help yesterday when I performed that, it might have contributed to a better or more stable connection if there were any issues with its files that I might have caused yesterday.

Pretty basic, Even though google returns zero results when googling half of those errors. Apparently these cars are harder to brick than people say. Especially since there are thousands of copies of NCSexpert out there and about 5,000 posts of some pretty big problems and mistakes, but not many DIYs on replacing bricked physical modules. Lol.

Thank You Folks. Hopefully this helps somebody going forward.
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