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Default Map update method/procedure for CIC without CAN-adapter/script activated CIC

For people who have retrofitted CIC, and uses script activation to activate CIC and for some reason can't (like my self) or wont use CAN-adapter, this is a method to update your maps:

I have retrofitted a CIC into my 2006 BMW E87, and cause its a retrofit the donor vin and my original vin is not matching..
The CIC is connected to the CAN-bus (can_low and can_high) and gets VIN from CAS module.
When updating maps, the CIC will ask for a FSC code for that map that matches the VIN it gets from CAS.
Since we generate FSC code from the 1B file in the CIC we get a code that works for the donor vin number.
The VIN from CAS doesn't match the donor VIN in CIC (1B file), and therefore it wont accept the FSC code generated by the 1B file..
To update maps, most people can then connect a CAN filter that tricks the CIC in believing that the VIN of the car is the same as the VIN in the CIC, and then FSC code will work.
That will work regardless if CIC is script activated or not!

For my car, a CAN filter didnt work... and that does that i can't get the FSC code to work either!
Therefore we need to stop CIC from getting VIN from CAS. If CIC doesn't get any VIN from CAS module, then it will use the VIN it was originally programmed with instead (donor vin), and then the FSC code will work!!

To stop the CIC from getting VIN from CAS, i did the following:
1. Disconnect battery
2. Cut the CAN bus signal wires 5-10cm (or more) from quadlock connection (pin 9 green CAN_low wire and 11 orange/green CAN_high wire), and isolate the wires coming from the rest of the car towards the quadlock connector so they don't touch anything.
3. Release the CAN bus signal wires from CID screen connector (pin 5 orange/green and 6 green wire), and isolated them.
4. Release the CAN bus signal wires from iDrive controller connector (pin 3 orange/green wire and 4 green wire), and isolated them.
5. Wire up new CAN bus signal wire from CID screen connector pin 5 to the orange/green CAN_high wire from quadlock connector pin 11 behind CIC.
6. Wire up new CAN bus signal wire from CID screen connector pin 6 to the green CAN_low wire from quadlock connector pin 9 behind CIC.
7. Wire up new CAN bus signal wire from iDrive controller pin 3 to the orange/green CAN_high wire from quadlock connector pin 11 behind CIC.
8. Wire up new CAN bus signal wire from iDrive controller pin 4 to the green CAN_low wire from quadlock connector pin 9 behind CIC.
9. Connect quadlock connector back into the CIC.
10. Connect battery

Now we have made the CAN bus signals go directly between CID, CIC and iDrive controller, and the CIC doesn't have any communication with CAS or any other modules other than CID and iDrive controller through CAN bus signals. That makes the CIC use its donor VIN instead of the VIN reported from CAS which it used earlier when they were communicating.
The CIC no longer has a kl15 signal from CAS, and therefore it won't recognize ignition anymore so only CD/multimedia and Radio will be available and the rest of the menu items will be grey and disabled.

11. Extract map data onto USB, first pkgdbi folder and config file from USB1 folder.
12. Push the volume knob to "turn" the CIC on.
13. Connected USB drive containt map data to USB port in glovebox compartment.
14. CIC notices the update data and asks if you want to start update.
15. Then CIC as usual asks for FSC code, and then i entered the FSC code generated from the 1B file (donor vin).
16. CIC accepts the FSC code since its using the donor VIN instead of CAR (CAS VIN).
17. CIC starts updating and asks for USB 2 and USB 3 when needed.

The CIC will turn of screen after 10-15 minutes, and then you need to push the volume knob to get it back on. But when you turn it back on, the screen will enter the main menu instead of the update process screen..
No worries! The update is still processing, but you can't see the process anymore, but its working in the background as you can here from the CIC Harddrive.
When the CIC asks for USB2/3, the update window will automatically show itself and you can then see the update process again!
The screen will also enter the process screen when the update is complete.
When the update is complete, the CIC asks for restart, and after restart i complete, then you can reverse the wiring back to normal!


Used it 26th of may 2015, and i now have 2015-2 Europe West map :)

For some strange reason, using this method to update maps, makes the two functions "Satelitt images" and "Perspectiv mode in 3D" in map settings unavailable! Doesn't know why, but it just happens..

So i can confirm that using the FSTool to "Check" FSC codes, that makes the FSC codes temporarily accepted allows updating maps with a much easier way for script activated CICs Tested, and confirmed! And "Satelit images" and "Perspectiv mode in 3D" also works with this method :)
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