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Old 11-27-2017, 10:02 AM
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Default NCS Vehicle Option Codes - PU00/PU01

A question for NCS/Coding Experts here. This post relates to an '02 330i touring, but probably applicable to all e46's.

Apologies that this is my first post, I generally work out how to do stuff through search rather than ask the same question over and over again. This one has me stumped though.....

I retro fitted bi-xenons to my car this weekend. It's a full set up - OEM bixenon lamps, level sensors, headlight wash (already fitted) and a new face for my LCM with no level thumbwheel (PN 61316911644). I've implemented the wiring loom to the original factory spec (pre 03). Both headlights are comunicating on the diagnosstics bus, and seem fairly happy with life.

When it came to coding I've been using NCSExpert and NCSDummy. Initially I tried coding a new Vehicle Order with NCSExpert, adding $522 to the ALSZ for the bixenon option. The module apperars to have taken the option as it shows when I read the VO back, however even after key off, lock and restart the behaviour of the lights and levelling doesn't change - halogen main beam on both flash to pass and main on, no self level.

Because of this I dug out NCSDummy and started looking at the coding options. The obvious codes were Bi_Xenon, Xenon Test, Xenon_Timeout and LEUCHTWEITENREG_AUTOM/LEUCHTWEITENREG_DYNAM (couple of others too, but I'm on a different PC at the moment, so don't have access). This got the lights working, all be it with both halogen and xenon when on main beam (PWM_WERT2_FL_BIXENON set to not do this?), halogen only on flash to pass. The leveling sort of works, but doesn't seem as responsive as I'd expect.

Now to the actual question - NCSDummy lists options for many of the settings, some of these are fairly obvious - CONV, COMP, All-RAD, LIM, TOUR, COUP for the different body styles (and iX - ALLRAD). Some of them are engine or vehicle related - S54B32, CSL. But the one that is confusing me is PU00 or PU01. This option completely changes how the ALC and Xenons should be configured, right down to diffent characteristic curves for the sensors, and whether BI_XENON should even be set. I didn't see it in NCSExpert, although I may not be looking in the right place. Can anyone tell me how to find which of these options I should code to?

I've created two manipulation files, one for each spec to try, but thought I'd ask before dumping them in the LCM!


Does anyone know what the PU00/PU01 option codes reference and how to find what they should be for my car?



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