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Old 05-25-2014, 09:06 PM
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Thumbs up SOLVED! Problem after fitting used DME, CAS and KEY

Hi all, hope someone can help me here, I recently posted this on a BMW forum and someone suggested to try here as my problem seems to be related to programming. My problem is I recently had water damage to my dme and due to corrosion some of my pins are missing so I took what I thought was the easy option and changed the dme with the dme out of a crashed vehicle identical to mine which is an e60 520i year 2004 I also bought the cas and key from the same vehicle. After installation and a new plug and wiring to replace corroded ones the car starts and runs fine but I was left with two warning lights 1/DCS and 2/Airbag, after running diagnostics with INPA I found out it was related to the steering angle sensor having the wrong vin so I eventually changed the vin on the SLZ with WINKFP to match the vin of the new dme and cas and I was able to reset the steering angle sensor which got rid of the DSC warning light, so now I am left with the Airbag warning light, and according to INPA is due to a system timing error which I tried to reset with tool 32 and DIS but with no luck, I think it maybe due to the fact that the KOMBI has a different VIN but I am not sure, if that is the case I will try and buy the KOMBI out of the donor car if still available and if not maybe change the M35080 chip in my current KOMBI, if there is a way anybody knows of resetting the system time errors without doing this I would appreciate your help or better again changing the vin on the cas and dme to match the rest of the car and be able to start with same key ....Thanks

Just an update to let you know how it finished up, I was having problems finding someone over here to replace the socket on my original DME so as it was getting close to my cars national test I was running out of time and the car would not pass with an airbag light on the dash, so I tried to reset the system time again with DIS but with no luck as all modules were not with matching VIN's so I tried again with tool 32 but it would say ECU conditions not correct, grasping at straws I thought I'd check that the SIM and all safety modules matched with the VIN of the new CAS and DME which they did as I had updated them to the new VIN with winkfp. After that I opened up NCS expert and wrote down the letter showing at the end of the VIN and went back to tool32 and even though I wrote the new VIN to all the modules with winkfp the last letter you see in NCS expert was not wrote so I re-wrote the new VIN with the letter at the end with tool 32, I tried starting the system time again with tool 32 using the argument number 1 on each module separately starting with the SIM module first and to my delight all worked fine so no airbag light anymore.... Thanks to all for your input, I will probably get the original DME repaired with a new socket eventually but car is running fine with absolutely no warning messages so no hurry anymore.

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Old 08-13-2014, 09:07 PM
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Hello - I'm dealing with the same problem, from reading online it seems that flashing(updating with new Vin number) the DME via WinKPF should do the trick but everytime I try to flash it I get "Error on determining ZB number". I'm using an ICOM and have been able to update many other Modules but not this one.

I'm also getting the steering angle sensor error but will try your suggestion of changing the vin on the SLZ to match the new DME from the donor car.

I was also having some airbag error but I was able to get rid of them by using blank .MAN files. As you probably now, when using NCSEXPERT you need to reference the FRM Module in order to get the default values for your Vehicle order. Do not reference the CAS module since this Module is also from the donor vehicle.

Let me know if you where able to change the VIN on your DME.
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