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Old 09-26-2013, 02:43 PM
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Default replacing a damaged ECU with a used one

hello guys.
please i need to know if i can replace an existing damaged ecu with a used one (not brand new) and please i want to know how can i recode the ecu to be compatible with the car and what procedures i have to do to make it work correctly.
ps: i have icom and its software i can use them

i appreciate your help

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Old 10-10-2013, 02:42 PM
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Hi there ...anyone to help us on this ?

I followed the same path as described in this topic [Only for registered users... ] since my car (e46 M47N AS71 320d 09-2001 150HP automatic) has the same problem: engine doesn't fire up while starter cranks at normal speed when battery fully loaded) excepted that in my case it is not an intermittent problem as it happened suddenly. Drove normally in the morning then came back at home and the afternoon the car suddenly refused to start the engine while i never had any starting problem at all before. So, as i hopefully have a couple of useful BMW diagnostic softwares installed on my computer i tried to investigate. At first, i loaded BMW Scanner that found the EWS-DDE interface error (currently present error state that immediately come back when erasing errors). So, I tried to realign the DDE to the EWS several times from BMW Scanner and also from DIS/GT1 without any improvements (engine
still doesn't fire up).

So, from my investigations it seems the DDE doesn't see the signal from the EWS through the data link wire at the ignition key position. Following a DIS/GT1 test plan, i have checked voltage on the data link cable wired to pin 10 to the DDE from the EWS and found 12,5 v. (as the test plan said it should not be less than 9v.)...

So, while DEEMO the author of this topic seemed to quickly solve his problem by just swapping both DDE, EWS, barrels and keys from another e46 without any ECU reprogramming, i bought the complete kit coming from a junked e46 on Ebay in Germany (320D automatic year 2003). However, when i mount all those parts on my car, i get the check engine light always on triggered on the dashboard, the engine still doesn't starts while the starter cranks (no difference plus check engine lights up that doesn't shows with the original DDE)... Now, i'm lost, don't know what to do... What's the reason why the check engine now lights up when the new DDE is installed ? Since i replaced the original 2001 DDE with a post 2003 DDE do i have to adapt it to the car ?

In this case, what do i have to do exactly ? Do i have just to flash the new DDE with the data from the older one (read EEPROM/write EEPROM function in BMW-Scanner ?) or do i have to use Progman or any other tool to only adapt the VIN nb from my car in the DDE ? I have read on BMW-Planet that the wiring to the DDE between 2001 and 2003 has been modified (one more pin (33) connected to the DDE coming back from the starter what doesn't exists in the earlier 150HP e46 wiring to the DDE... Is this could be the reason why i get the check engine that lights up while the car ?

My opinion is that i should re-flash the new DDE with the firmware from the older one to match the early e46 150HP wiring to DDE... and/or is there any other module (IKE, instrument cluster ???) that doesn't recognize this DDE that has not the same part nb than the original one ? What is also intersting is that the part nb from the newer DDE is the only one listed on realoem to my car while my original DDE is not found, so ???

Any help appreciated since the car is out of use for 3 weeks now...

At least, how can i do a complete data backup from the older ECU to restore later ? Any link to a guide ?


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Old 10-19-2013, 05:27 PM
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I believe when using a ecu that has already been linked once to a ews system, the ecu needs to be virginized before it can link to the ews system again.
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Old 10-22-2013, 01:38 AM
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If the engine is cranking then it's not EWS problem, most likely.
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Old 10-23-2013, 08:03 AM
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It's easier if you take your vehicle to an authorized [Only for registered users... ] which sells your particular vehicle. You will always be assured that the equipment used to diagnose it provides the most accurate readings and results.
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