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Old 10-23-2017, 06:03 PM
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Exclamation Bmw many electric problem at once e90

BMW 328xi 2007 SEDAN 4 DOOR 3.1L.
4WDR Centronic transmission

The car battery went down to 6.5V because it site in the driveway for way too long and the car module would not go to sleep mode. Before I could figure out about the low voltage of the battery all kind of wear electrical symptom where showing up. Then the car stayed without battery for a month before I purchase a new one with the same spec 90A 720CCA regular battery only. When I plug the new battery, here are the problems that Iím left with.

1. The wiper motor & washing wiper does not work
2. The Master Door locking system & the trunk & fuel door not working at all
3. The rear electric Windows only (left & Right)are not working
4. I canít get any cold air from the air conditioning
5. The fuel gage does not work and cause the error of (MILS ECONOMY) since the computer canít see the fuel level in my tank
6. The cruise control canít be activated
7. My CARLY diagnostic device is working and I have some kind of connection with this Bluetooth device but none of the 42 modules are responding so I canít erase the AIR BAG error with my diagnostic device nor can I register the new battery.
8. I went to a garage and they also try 2 professional diagnostic devices without any success.
9. Air Bag & Seat belt (error) is light up in my display since I drove the car without the passenger seat.

Everything else is still working just fin in this car.

I also check the car electric current at rest and it took 30 min before all the current goes by step down from 6A to 500ma (when all the module go to sleep mode). But if the battery is low, some module will still stay awake with wear symptom like before (hazard light in the car flash very fast and the parking light in the consol display stay on and flash as well) and draw current and get the battery down again to 6.5 Volts even if this is a new battery within the next 24 hour.

Because I could not get any diagnostic I study the car electric diagrams and I also read the entire document for the BMW E90 on this web site.

Since most of those problem look like they come from 2 modules (CAS MODULE & JBE MODULE) I send them to get it fix but this did not fix any of those initials problems but fix some other problems that damage those 2 modules after trying for too long to fix it.

Besides the repairing of the wire of the motor ground that was rusty and stop the car to be able to crank anymore, I could not see any other damage on any of the boards, the wires, the plugs and not even a single fuse blow anywhere. There is also no water infiltration in this car like I read on this forum sometime. I when true all the possible problem that I read in this forum but none of them apply to my car except the motor ground wire and the broken shifter wire and I fix both of them and itís working fine since then.

I also learn that we need to remove the negative battery now before I unplug any module.

But there is still something that is stopping all the module to communicate (BUS K_CAN maybe?) to the diagnostic device so after those repair module came back I try to remove the other module one at the time to see if any of the problem would change or the communication would come back but so far nothing change. Maybe this is a sensor somewhere that stopping one of the module to function properly? Here what I have try so far.

1. I remove all the electric plug from the (AIR BAG) Multiple Restraint System (MRS5)
2. I remove all the electric plug of the TCU telematics control unit
3. I remove the electric plug from the Dynamic Stability Control Module (DSC)
4. I remove all the electric plug from Footwell module (FRM)
5. I remove the electric plug from the driver's seat Module with Memory Function.
6. Remove all the electric plug for Top-HiFi system in the trunk
7. I check every fuse and still, none of them are blown.

Does any of you have any idea what else can I check?

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Old 04-23-2018, 02:40 PM
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I just had a major electrical system malfunction happen, warning said further driving not possible. Everything shut down and gave me a warning, even the AC, speedometer and fuel gauge. Then, kinda funny, the fuel light came on. I called my mechanic and he said to get to the shop and don’t stop or I won’t be able to start the car again. I was wondering if I would lose brakes and power steering but they stayed on.

My mechanic couldn’t figure out what was wrong so he was taking the car to have some other people check it and a fire broke out in the back. I’m glad that didn’t happen while I was driving. He said underneath the trunk of my X5 was full of water and it had shorted out the control unit for the tailgate lift. I will check the sunroof drains later. I ordered the part from the US and now he’s having to find someone to reprogram it, he’ll get it done, I have no doubt. I’m trying to avoid the BMW dealership here because of insane prices. I needed a side view mirror and called Santo Domingo BMW just to see how much they wanted. It was $2000, they quoted me in American dollars. So I ordered a couple of parts from Amazon for less than $100 and I will live with a dented base part of the mirror. It’s all good, though, I could never have afforded this car back in Florida!
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