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Old 01-22-2017, 12:10 PM
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Default BMW Z4 SMG (SSG) Adaptation Fail NOT SHIFTING IN DRIVE

Hi all

Apart from suggesting a box of matches and 5 ltr of flammable liquid I really need some help.

I have recently bought a bmw Z4 with what is labelled an SMG but is really exactly the same as the SSG.
Recently the car when left in neutral kept dropping out of gear and the SMG pump would keep kicking in to increase pressure and the car would repeatedly try to engage a gear or a position. As the car has only done 110 k and it was a bargain I didn't mind spending time and some money on it.
First I have replaced the salmon relay and it has had a new hydraulic pump, new actuator seals as there was a slight leak and the clutch has been replaced.

It was also throwing up sensor angle fault so we changed the gear angle sensor for a genuine BMW part and the shifter rods were filed flat as they were slightly worn causing the sensor arm to slip away from the selector rod.

We checked the clutch slave cylinder at the time and there were no signs of any leaks.

The car will now start and will engage reverse, neutral and 1st gear.

It does not shift out of first when using the paddle shifters or the gear stick (backwards and forwards) now when I drove the car at first when it would not shift into 2nd I put the car in auto mode and it changed gear but really delayed and not past 3rd gear. This is also not happening now.

I have run DIS and completed the clutch and gearbox bleed sequence numerous times and the H pattern teach in is fine and showing as complete. The clutch bite point and slip is being displayed as not being taught in. DIS is coming up with battery voltage too low even though the monster of all chargers is attached (will charge 24v trucks!).

In both DIS and INPA I can select and activate all of the fears.

INPA is also not completing past the engine switch on and off section. Occasionally it will show up a clamp 87 fault.

So on the plus side the SMG module is not showing any fault codes but I still have the issues stated.

Now the question I have is I've been using a BM CABLES software and cable is this causing the problems as the programme is running on Windows 10 and had so much trouble installing on the laptop.

So is it the software that's to blame or is there further things I am missing. Also what is the best option of getting a good diagnostic tool that will work or can anyone locally be able to plug their laptop in knowing their software is good?

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