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Old 01-25-2020, 11:45 AM
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Default E46 remote/FZV issue

Hi there

i've recently experienced some strange problems with my remote which decided to stop working:

I left the car unused for 10 days when i come back I wasn't able to open/close via remote any more, battery is quite new and fully charged.

immediately i think about a de-synced remote (quite unusual but known as sporadic issue) so i did the sync procedure again, this worked at 1st try, but remote functions still unavailable.

GM5 side everything was working, and all the comfort features coded are active by key into the door lock

So I made a test on remote transmission (by 433Mhz) and key is transmitting 100% with enough strenght, so the problem had to be elsewhere.

by discussing this with a gur, he told me that sync is not that related to remote functionality, and he suggested me to take a look to FZV module (that in Vert is located into the rear view mirror),
luckily I had an other mirror (that leaked fluid) from which i've been able to remove the FZV board, to swap with the other one

old mirror electronics was from a standard squared autodim mirror (oem equip of my car) that has been translpanted into an M3 housing as I bought this M3 mirror in Us and for this reason I had to change the electronics due to the different transission freq.
this worked flawlessy for 16 years.

the new mirror is from a 2003 Uk M3 (obvi Vert), but is a little bit different compared to the old one, in terms of components (i suppose an updated harware) but pinout and wiring are the same

after exchanging the 2 modules I got back my remote functionality BUT with weird behaviours from the remote itself:

I was able to lock/unlock, to deactivate the interior ultrasonic sensors (i have the fitted),to turn on the lights when locked and to roll down the driver's window for easy access (double click on remote), but NOT been able to comfort close/open the windows or top, not able to open trunk nor to activate the panic mode and not able to fold/unfold the mirrors (that in PASoft section, check boxes comfort/heating/memory are now obsured and can't be checked).
Via physical key into the lock everything still works as usual without any issue

i've checked with Ncs if something went wrong in coding for remotes part, but everything was correctly coded as usual,

at this point is not a remote problem nor a gm5 coding error.

2 days ago i parke the car, locked it and deactivated the sensors (by 2x click), while i was walking away i've heardt the BZZZZZZZ from the folding mirrors and they were folding back..
absurd as usually I had to keep pressed the lock button for 2/3 sec to fold them, while this time worked with 2 clicks.
I tried to unlock and then do the same thing but they never folded again..

same guy told me to try a reset by keeping the battery disconnected overnight and the next morning try to do a sync procedure again.
I followed his advice and sync procedure went ok at 1st try (again) but since that moment remote stopped working exactly as before the FZV swap.

this is one of the weirdest problem i've ever experienced and i really can't figure out the culprit.
i'm quite sure that is not even a FZV problem and i want to try to put the old FZV in to check if this will act the same..

what's your thoughts about this?

Regards & thnx in advance

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Old 02-08-2020, 03:06 PM
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i tried to put the old mirror with its FZV and everything back to life...

a week later i was in the same situation (remote functions not working)

i've noticed a curious detail, when is ok the apssenger mirror, tilts and aims the rear wheel, when the sys is ko it goes all way down..

i suspect some kind of problem on the I/Kbus as this problem came out ONLY after I fitted front seats from an RHD M3 (both switch and under seat modules are from the OEM LHD seats)

any idea?
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