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Old 07-25-2017, 10:17 PM
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Default E60 major malfunctions: SZL? Something else?

Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this should be posted here or in the Coding/Programming area, but it seems to fit better here.

I've got a 2008 535i which I recently had some major issues with. While driving down the highway, I had a bunch of errors suddenly appear and the car went crazy. I had warnings for airbags, dynamic drive, transmission, seatbelts, and several other warnings. The wipers started and would not stop, the transmission stuck in 3rd, the gauges all went to 0, power steering stopped, the turn signals failed, and the steering wheel controls failed. I pulled over and turned the car off and it would not restart. It may be important to note that I had just received the car back 2 days earlier from a poorly done engine swap. It has multiple coolant leaks and lots of cosmetic issues. Upon inspection I found that there was a disconnected wire near the water pump, the passenger side ground strap was loose, and some other similar issues. I corrected all that, checked every fuse in the car, load tested the battery, checked grounds at the DME box, checked every connection in the DME box, and had no change.

I read codes and came up with roughly 50 codes, most of them saying that the DME is not receiving communications from the DSC and EGS and a couple other modules. I've checked everything that I can think of and have had no luck. I read about the SZL causing some similar issues, and I've had some creaking coming from the wheel, so I replaced the SZL and clock spring yesterday. This leads me to my 2 questions:

1: What is the easiest way to program the new SZL? I've spent hours researching and find lots on conflicting info. I believe that Winkfp and NCS Expert will be the best route. Is there a guide somewhere that covers this in detail? What about initializing the active steering?

2: If I get this all programmed and coded and it doesn't fix the problem, are there any other problem areas I should look into? I've read for hours and believe that maybe the KGM could cause issues?

Thank you.

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Old 08-16-2017, 01:49 AM
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Ever make any progress on this? Im having a similar problem.. thinking my JBE went bad, only because i can NOT talk to any of the ECU's in the car with INPA, ISTA/Rheingold, and general error code readers.
My issue started with a short circuit for the CID though. But i do have similar problem's. Wiper's stuck on Full Speed all of a sudden, gauges went out, my engine still starts, but from reading i believe it's noly b/c my car is a 6MT and not an automatic.

Have you also looked into the power to the Fuse Box, BST check, IBS sensor check, B+ power cable & assosciated recall, and the fused part on top of the battery? To ensure you're getting voltage on both spots under the hood, as well as to the Interior Fuse Box/Junction Box...

i believe there is a how-to on this. you search for steering angle sensor diy. reprogramming the SZL is needed, so the DIY's should give some info.
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