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Old 03-28-2013, 09:17 PM
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Default No ignition/battery in INPA

Hi guys, new to the site, downloaded and installed the inpa hosted in the sticky on the site, but upon connecting the cable to the car i cant seem to get anything to say that its communicating/connecting/detecting anything, ignition and battery lights just stay unlit, I'm using a cheap K+DCAN USB cable from ebay.

Win Xp seemed to install the drivers for the cable ok, i'm using an old thinkpad R50e with a fresh install of XP on it as i had installed the bmw inpa stuff on it and still had the same problems so wiped and started with fresh installs.

what are the common points i should be checking?, tried using the search function but didn't really get anywhere after reading through a few threads, tried turning down the latency

Car is a 2001 E39 530D

thanks in advance

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Old 04-01-2013, 02:15 PM
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Check com port settings for usb cable, main culprit for no connection.
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Old 04-11-2013, 11:21 AM
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+1 on the com port settings. Also check to make sure your OBD connector pins 7+8 are soldered together or not. If they are try desoldering them, If not solder them together. I bought a cheap cable and I had to solder the pins for it to work on my E39. I ended up putting a switch between those pins so I can short them together with a flip of the switch.
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Old 02-05-2014, 07:15 AM
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i had the same issue as you...this was my solution. first i ordered the cable and i asked the seller if the cable comes with the driver and the inpa program he answered me only the driver.. so i came to this forum and found the inpa program i downloaded it and installed it on the computer waiting for the cable...

when the cable arrived to me i noticed that the cd that came with not only have the cable driver but also inpa program too so i tought that if it came with it should be for a reason.. so i deleted it the first one that i installed and intall this one.. to find out that i just spend two days trying to get inpa to read my car and nothing came up...

finally i decided to install inpa again.. the one that i download from this side....and connect and install just the drivers of the cable and buchacalaca finally i got inpa to read my car.... make sure you put the associated com. in my case was com2 when installing the driver of the cable.. you will need to put it when installing inpa ......
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Old 11-09-2015, 01:40 PM
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My vehicle is an e39, 2003 530i and I do not have the pacman plug under the hood only ODB2 above left knee.

For vehicles with ODB2 and Pacman use the pacman plug and i believe pin7 and 8 don't have to be jumpered.

Make sure your usb adapter is recognized in windows hardware, and be sure you are using the proper driver usually ftdi.
If it is recognized then see that it's set for com1 and it's latency is set to 1.
The following applies to ODB2 vehicles only.
If still no signal for ignition or battery double check pin 7 to 8 and see that it's jumpered.
If you jumpered them and they were not and you see signal but cannot connect to anything other than dme or trans then look for continuity between ODB2 pin 8 and pin 1 on instrument cluster x10113 if memory
serves me correctly this is a white plug.

Chances are this is open, if it is an open circuit unbolt the drivers seat starting at the rear torx bolts and then the front.

Rock the seat back, pull the trim cover on top of the rocker panel, remove the hood release handle and remove the dead pedal.
Roll the carpet back enough to see the cable harness guide, bolted to the floor you will see a ground junction.

To the left of it on LHD vehicles you will see a black box molded into the cable harness guide. Remove the plastic 10mm nut securing it to the floor board and pull the two plastic fasteners attaching it to the rocker panel.
Upper splice point is X183, lower is x181 at least it was on mine.
X183 is the common point for all the interfaces they are all white/violet trace wires, chances are one or all of them have broken off the splice.
X181 is the splice for the tail lights.

If only a few are broken, cut the remaining wires off the splice and butt splice all the wires together and secure them to the wiring harness.
Double check continuity from pin 8 of the odb2 plug to the instrument cluster x10113, connection should be present. If it is then reassemble your car and continue programming.
I have found it is better to use DIS for coding and error clearing, INPA can be sketchy.
But you must be sure INPA can connect before attempting to connect with DIS or Progman, if INPA won't connect no sense going forward with DIS or Progman.

Now why did the wires corrode?
The number one reason is the jack pads are missing or not sealed under the rocker panel. These get broken off by most service techs and don't get replaced leaving a big hole in the rocker panel for water to invade the cavity and soon run under the carpets.
Always replace these if they are missing but first seal them with a thin bead of silicon before installing.

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