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PSDF350 09-16-2011 04:47 PM

Sensor Question
Hello, new to the programming / coding of BMW's bought my first BMW DIS / YellowHead last week and was able to sync the EWS to the DME, that was fun since the dealer wanted a great deal of money to do it. That is about as much experience as i have to this point. Have done lots of forum reading.

I have a quick question, bought 1995 M3 with S52 motor in it, the car also has an ODBII DME Siemens 41.2 (according to BMW DIS V57 software), the car works great except the engine light is on, DIS tells me that i have an error (11 Tank Pressure Sensor) is not at the proper voltage.

I also have an MIL lamp error as well, DIS says that i should check the transmission control module because it could be the cause.

I have checked that transmission control module, it says it does not exsist, would that be because there is a manual trasmission in the car?

The main question i have is because there is no tank pressure sensor on a 95 M3, they were introduced in 96 with the ODBII DME can i tell the DME that the tank sensor does not exsist? Delete it persay? Program or code it out? want to get rid of the light)

Am i thinking about this the right way or is this a stupid question?


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