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Default Wheel change and all error lights appear

So im on my 2nd e60. Old one is a 2005 545i. I put 20" Beyern Multis on it and shortly after the first mile, i got a ASC, Brake, Stability, Active steering light. I drove like this for a few months and it eventually went away on its own. The brake would sometimes be red, sometimes be yellow. Active steering error light would come and go as well. But like i said, it disappeared one day and never came back..

Now i have transferred the wheels to a 2006 550i and i get the ASC light, Brake light, stability light, active steering, airbag light, seatbelt light, steering wheel lock warning, speedo doesnt work and odometer doesnt work but the tach works.. I really dont know why these lights have came about but the only thing i can think of is that the wheel size have made a sensor trip and now it needs calibrated. Ive searched the forums and google high and low and couldnt find anything or didnt know what to search for to find it. I dont want to wait 2 months for it to go away again.

Anybody have suggestions?

I have reset TPM, changed the battery, done the active steering reset, left battery disconnected for 2 hours and none of these worked

The new tires are 245/30/20 and 275/35/20. Compared to the originals, the rear wheels are 7.9% taller then the stock wheels and front wheel are .5% bigger then stock with those tire dimensions. Would the larger diameter tire be whats throwing it off? If so, can i reprogram the car to accept the taller wheel?

Pulled the codes from inpa and Active steering, Airbag, Dynamic stability lights all have error codes at the same mileage point that read to be an invalid wheel speed detected. It seems that the 20" wheels have thrown off the vehicle speed so much that the sensors think there is an error. How would i fix this?? Can i code a wheel speed adjustment using ncsexpert?

Here are the codes for the modules affected.

Active rollstabilization

d1f1 can message speed
d1df can speed vehicle
627a predve check:motor stopped during run
d1e4 can angle of steering wheel

Active steering
6139 vehicle reference speed or dirving direction unsicher or not verfuegbar
ce96 botschaft (wheel speeds, id=0CE) vom DSC F-can
ce98 botschaft (regulartin contact dsc_afs, id=11E) vom DSC F-can
CE9c botshaft (state DSC, id=19E) vom DSC PT-CAN

Dynamic statbility
5e5e wheel speed sensor general : general error while monitoring slip control (lamba)
5f62 - AFS: signal exchange AFS-DSC invalid

General Body Module - informatin memory
931A reset_weil_pdn
9312 fh_fth_block
930d FH_bfth_can_temperature_error
9310 FH_fth_can_temperatureerror

AirBag System
93FB speed-speed signal missing

steering column - information memory
274d synthetical steering angle unplausible
274e pt-waking unplausible

Engine n62
2c31 cdkftdla-lamba probe front catalyst, trimm control (stored from earlier)
29DD cdkswe - bad way detection (mentions wheel speed as well)

51ad messeage (wheel speeds) from the dsc is missing (can-signal of a drivgn wheel is defective

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