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Old 07-19-2014, 02:48 PM
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Default E60lci ecu/champ updating issue.


I have been updating alot of my ecu's in my 2007 530d,

I only have the "light" version without any navigation, it seems like it's called champ.?.

My problem is that i've been trying to update this. first time i tried with sss-progman v32, but it got stucked with an failure, and then my idrive screen and radio was completely "dead"

I've tried via progman again, and chosed to fully programming the champ again, and then write down the measuring plan, which were.

1. Program GW
2. Program Aud
3. Program BO
4. Program CHAMP-S/M-ASK-S

Closed progman and started winkfp, found all the zusb numbers, and programmed the first two great.

When the second one was programmed, my radio started playing again .

But when i started programming the BO, it shuts down the radio, and then after counting 100% the first time, it get stucked with an error.

I have read that it is because it should be coded with the MOST, but in other places iv'e been reading that it could be done with my d-kcan cable when using winkfp.

it comes with four errors.

2089 PAPD Programmieren 3445: switching prorgamming mode failed 10FLASH,DIAGNOSE-MODE (ECUPM): ERROR_ECU_CONDITIONS_NOT_CORRECT_OR_REQUEST_SEQUEN CE_ERROR


2084 Error coapiRunCapd 6: Flash download failed SG-PROGRAMMIEREN

2084 Error coapiKfProgSgD2 19: Flash download failed

Does anyone have a possible solution for this, i would be very thankfull..

Regards- DK-Slot

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Old 11-18-2015, 12:53 PM
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I'm getting the same error when trying to write a new vin to STVL on an E65 2002, namely:

I get this error with winkfp and tool32. I have also tried different versions and still the same error!

I can do other flashing operations and some of them work while others fail for the same reason mentioned above. systemzeit_starten for example gives me the same error.

inpa and ncsexpert work flawlessly with no hiccups.

did you manage to solve your problem? or at least understand what the error means?

thank you.
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