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Old 07-06-2014, 10:20 PM
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Default GT1 DK setup w/ INPA


I'm trying to setup my GT1 Yellowhead to work with INPA for a couple of days and I can't figure it out how to do it as most of the guides I've readed are for OBD cables. After I installed Standard Tools I've configured EDIABAS.ini for remote, ip address of the interface (in my case and port (5302 I found it open with port scanner). When I run IFHSrv.exe I got nothing, or maybe it's running in background? My first issue is to lock the device so the yellow led stops blinking, I can do this on OPPS via werbrowser manually. Can someone point me how to lock the interface so INPA can communicate? Thanks

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Old 07-08-2014, 06:00 PM
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From same question on

Originally Posted by MParallel View Post
I just got this same setup working last week, thanks to Revtor. Have you set all the variables in EDIABAS.INI correctly? Like interface: Remote

Also you do need to run DIS in the background. Without DIS running, it's not possible.

From Revtor:

Originally Posted by revtor View Post
Yeah sure, I use the yellow head myself.

First of all the computer on which Ediabas/INPA is installed must be able to reach the yellow head over TCP/IP. If DIS runs in a virtual machine on the same computer, that's easy - just make sure the virtual machine's virtual network adapter(s) are set to bridged mode. If DIS runs on another computer, you'll have to change the network settings of the Ediabas/INPA computer to the same network segment as DIS and the yellow head (by default in the range 192.168.68.*). Now hook up the yellow head to a car and launch DIS. In DIS make sure the diagnostic head is shown as connected in the top right corner of the DIS screen. Make a note of the yellow head's IP address on the "Administration" > "Connection setup" page and return to the DIS main screen. Switch to the Ediabas/INPA computer and open a command prompt. See if you can reach the yellow head by executing ping (or whatever the yellow head's address is). Once confirmed you can reach the yellow head, open the Ediabas configuration file (C:\EDIABAS\BIN\EDIABAS.INI) and set:

Interface = REMOTE
RemoteHost =
Port = 6801
where is the IP address of the yellow head. From now on applications like INPA, NCS Expert and ToolSet 32 should be able to communicate with the car.

Keep in mind that DIS must be running if you want to use the yellow head! You cannot use DIS and INPA/NCS Expert/... at the same time though - only one application at a time can use the diagnostic interface (so leave DIS at the main screen if you want to use another application and quit INPA and such if you want to use DIS).

Also if you use a LAN cable like I do, I still had no succes. Then Revtor told me I needed to set the TCP/IP to a static IP address.

The one that works for me is


PS: the port set in EDIABAS.INI I used 6801 as listed by Revtor. I didn't do any port scanning, so I assume that is simply the (one) port you set it to.

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