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Garyk 04-16-2012 01:26 PM

Help re-programming SZL my E60 LCI
Hi guys, I have a 535D LCI E60 and so does a friend of mine, Mine is a 57 and his is an 08.

His BC Button hasnt worked since he bought the car so i thought we would swap some bits from one car to the other to find the fault.

Long story short, we swapped over steering control modules to check if it was anything to do with them, but his didnt work regardless of what we tried, when we reinstalled them back to the correct vehicles we both now have the same problem that wont clear!

9501 Steering angle sensor calibration
94C1: Coding/data error

I have tried re calibrating steering angle sensors using my Launch X431 but comes up with nothing on the actual angle reading and nothing i have tried has worked.

I went into the programming menu and it comes up with Code index check error and wont let me code anything

A friend has bmw INPA, can we fix using this and does anybody know the procedure, the correct vin still comes up when you read the ECU identity.

Also could we have messed up the coding for the DSC?

Any input would be greatly apprieciated

Many thanks


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