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Milla 09-19-2012 07:07 PM

Hitting my head against the wall...
After working in the Netbook we decided to upgrade to a 13" laptop. Now I'm running the softwares on a Toshiba with Windows 7 Enterprise. Here are the current problems I could use some help with:

FDTI cable
Bought it, downloaded the [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...] but I can't get any connection with it. The light turns red when I either connect it to the car at first (no computer) or when I connect it to the laptop at first, then it disappears. Same port, if I use the other cable I get no connectivity issues and can work on the cars with no problem. Help?

Updating SSS
My husband was playing with an E65 yesterday (built 06/06) and he got this error:

So I asked him for the software version:

Last night I "updated" with V41 (copy and paste into ECU and DATEN and SGFDAT) only to be plagued with the same thing this morning. So I went ahead and found someone with V45.2, downloaded and updated the same manner by copying and pasting, then running the LADEN file. All to the same screen. I took this image of the computer this morning, not sure if there's anything there that can help figure out what I'm doing wrong:

I can see the battery and ignition lights on the same E65 but I kept getting the 012-SYS error when trying to do anything with the car. No problems when I do with the E39. I'm crying on the inside...

I mentioned I'm on Win7 64bit so I'm aware it won't work in native, but I saw there are other things like XPMODE etc. I followed those, but came to find out that my Win is not passing the genuine test (my school's IT guy installed it for me.. maybe he didn't activate?). I know there are other ways of getting it to work through VMWare. Any write-ups on that? I got NCSdummy on stand-by ;)

ISIS, Esys etc
Can a machine running the previous programs run those as well or can I just get these and delete the old ones? F series aren't as a priority right now as the previous issues are...

Thank everyone for the help! (cross-posted to BimmerForums)

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