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Old 08-01-2013, 06:28 PM
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Hi Guys,

I'm almost ready to tear out my hair and take a sledge hammer to my computer!

I have installed the INPA / Ediabas software as per this guide: [Only for registered users... ] and I managed to get it started up etc but its not detecting my car (1996 E38 740i Steering on the right 20pin Diagnostics socket in engine bay only, it has no OBD II 16 pin connector. I have managed to read codes off the cars engine before and it does appear to give me access to the Transmission module as well, using an Autel Maxiscan 509 reading off pin 20 in the socket). I have checked all the things I could possibly have missed in the guide and all are set properly as far as I can tell it, I even tried modding the .ini file for the F keys to change E46 to E38 in all instances of the F2 key settings it throws an error when I do this though saying that it can find a certain file.

I have tried the OBD settings during first install and INPA doesn't see my car.
I have also tried reinstalling windows 7 and the INPA software again except with ADS now selected as the interface, it still reverts to interface= std:obd in the .ini file and when I launch INPA and click info it still displays the obd interface even without being connected to the car. I did run the adssetup.exe in the hardware folder as well.

I have the following hardware:
Laptop: Windows 7
RS232 to USB cable (Astrum, PL2303 interface)
An ADS interface made according to these guides: [Only for registered users... ], and [Only for registered users... ] using exact component matches for the list of parts provided.

Basically I want to know 3 things before I start from scratch:
1) If you have successfully made one of these ADS interfaces and have one working can you confirm that it does work on an E38 using the PL 2303 USB -> RS232 adapter cable please let me know and please post detailed pics of your ADS, especially how its connected to the DB9 connecter (Reason is that I can't tell whether the diagram in the guides is from the front or rear of the plug and I might have it inverted).

2) If you know whether my car even uses the ADS interface or whether its OBD.

3) If you know whether the installation files linked in the INPA guide that I linked above support the ADS Interfaces or are they just for OBD.

4) What version of INPA would definitely to work (with correct hardware) on an E38 with only a 20 pin socket under the hood. Please PM me links if you have any for that version.

Please only respond if you know exactly how to and have got INPA installed on a Windows 7 ultimate x64 machine talking to an E38 with only the 20 pin socket using ADS or OBD. If you have pics or schematics or take-apart pics of your cables and or interface those would also help greatly.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 12-18-2013, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by HansV View Post
Maybe this post should be moved to the DIY category?
I also have a schematic for DIY making a simple RS-232 to OBD interface for BMW that should work for most cars between 1997 and 2007(not using ADS or CAN). This can be build for 16pin OBD2 connector or 20pin OBD connector and works with INPA and DIS. It also has wiring for correct battery and ignition detection.
did the OBD interface, did a bench to test the input/output logic so that it works (K, L, RTS...), but when connected to INPA at start the light BAT and IGN are detected, but then when runing a module (in my case a test unit GR2 from E38) reads error IFH-0003: DATATRANSMISSION TO INTERFACE DISTURBED.

If I check with a friend OBD/Carsoft interface it works OK on the same module. The installed drivers are INPA V5.00 and EDIABAS 6.4.7 with STD:OBD interface.

I there a special trick?
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Old 01-04-2020, 12:19 PM
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Thank you for joining me to this valuable forum. As a newbie i tried to download interface. pdfs but it does not downloads. Thank you for million times for sharing this.
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