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svojoe 02-23-2016 02:02 PM

2015 F25 HU/RAD KOMBI ISTA/P Update Error
Hello - have a 2015 F25 that I'm simply trying to use ISTA/P to update the program on all modules that need updates. I have the latest/greatest ISTA/P Expert mode loaded and running. All modules programmed and updated correctly except two: the HU/RAD and KOMBI. The HU/RAD fails on saving user data (three attempts made to read - all fail) and then it tries to program the bootloader (three attempts made and then fails). Each time the display comes up during programming showing 'Flash Time Remaining: 00:00:00' then never updates and fails. The KOMBI also never updates correctly.

I'm using ICOM A2 tool connected via Ethernet. My MOST loop only includes the HU/RAD and KOMBI and see no diagnostic breakout for MOST to connect ICOM B up to.

What could be causing this failure to program HU/RAD with ISTA/P Expert?

I've also tried disconnecting the KOMBI and programming the HU/RAD separately using Expert mode to clear measures for the KOMBI but same failure programming the HU/RAD.



svojoe 02-25-2016 06:12 PM

Fix found!
Fix was found on another forum - wanted to pass on here for reference: I was able to get my HU/RAD and KOMBI to both update using ISTA/P and ICOM A2! Set ISTA/P computer and ICOM A2 itself for DHCP and used external wired router between the two. Both took updates.

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