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Old 07-25-2015, 10:18 AM
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Default HELP! Lowe battery or have I messed up my car?


I am pretty new to coding and have been doing some basic stuff as making my mirrors fold when holding the lock botton on my key, making the tailgate close from the botton by your foot...

Now today I was trying to code to get the horn to sound when you lock/unlock the car. didn't find the code for it so I went in to a couple of other ECU's, but always only pressed "read ECU" so I could go in to the text files and look - when pressing read ECU you're not coding, right? So this should not affect anything? I always had the Codierindex_leasen as a job.. Even though I never pressed excecute job.

After a while, perhaps 20-30 minutes or so the battery warning light came on, I did some more checks and then the ABS-warning came on. After that I got all sorts of differrent warnings. (I also need to add that I yesterday coded for about 1,5-2h and I have not driven the car between coding.. so total coding time is around 2-2,5h)

So, my questions is, is this due that my battery got low power? After a while the Idrive meny went blank as well. The central locking does not work either.

Please help. Sounds like it's the battery going low on power and therefore I get these warning lights, right?

If I need to charge the battery, I will need to take it out from the car since I have the car parked down on the street (I live in an apartment), will this be a problem?

Thanks for you reply


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Old 08-04-2015, 10:10 AM
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Ofcourse it's your battery, after 30 min of reading/coding you aways need to check your car if it still starts.

btw, you need to use a powersupply when you want to mess around with your car that long. If it was 15 min then it was no problem.

Yes you can remove the battery from the car and charge it, no problem, make sure you can open your door or trunk with the key when the battery is disconnected or just don't lock the doors.
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