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Default All BMW's are Unique! La Limo - Amsterdam

All BMW's are Unique!
But some BMW’s are More Unique than we have learned step-by-step over the past 8 years, searching for any functional Diagnostic system that can Read and Clear Errors besides showing odo meter value after confirmation on Ignition 'on', in a dear attempt to enable the best possible care for another 24 years to come, as the visionary nightmare of ever having 'to let her go' due to a lack of Proper Maintenance Tools, instantly waters my eyes a bit,...excuse me a second.

Like with many of you All, I am sure, the 'BMW-Love at First Sight', never wears off, on the contrary! Especially once you start Doing Maintenance Yourself and after many hours of Care and Dedication, as a Token of her appreciation for keeping her up to a 'Nearly New again' technical state, your Divine Drive, in response appears to be a bit like 'Showing herself Off' really! ...or maybe my perception was slightly altered after an Eternal Blink down the Steep Slopes of the Abyss, that newly appeared in our bank account. Anyway…

Let that be a Warning to you All!

Never ever test-drive a 'James Bond' BMW E38 750iL, or You Will Be Hooked! Actually, back than we did not even start her yet, just sat in the front seats listening to her Total Silence and as soon as the Top-end DSP boosted this low flying Acoustic Cathedral, we ecstatically embraced this 'Point of No Return' and with so many of you alike, I am sure, we were Instantly Spoiled Forever...

‘Love makes Blind’, so they say and Yes, it is true! Most certainly at frequent tank stops…

But she ingeniously compensates for nearly Sucking us Dry on feeding her Twelve Horses, as presumably due to her not EU-signed, smaller Japan-import license plates, combined with her Impressive, Majestic Appearance, she generates enough confusion to the car-stopping officials at their guerrilla check-points, that since she has been our Ride, for over 8 years now and this happens once or twice a year, but without exception, we have never been pulled over or fined, since. Not once. Magic! It really is!

Isn’t she a Dream? Want to know how she looks?

Remember the James Bond BMW 750iL? Well, that is her, until Q starts modding his License-to-Kill-Gadgets into her! The World was in Shock!
(but of course, that was one of her Stunt Doubles!)

P.S. Her ‘More Uniqueness’ though is a burden, as she is in fact so unique – apparently – that in 8 years, multiple (BMW and -not) professional car shops and Coding Specialists who were convinced that they could Read & Code ‘any unique BMW, yes Sir ANY BMW…’, well, apparently She must be more unique then others…

Thanks for if you came this far with reading and very much looking forward to start making Progress!

To be continued,

wkarotten (Willy) & La Limo

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