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Old 10-25-2014, 04:34 AM
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Default Newbie here from Southern California

Hello everyone,

I've owned my 4/92 325is for a year and a half now and it has been a very exciting experience driving and troubleshooting it every once in a while. No heavy mods, just basic mech repairs but now I have to dive early in diagnosing it with EasyDISv44. I was planning to learn this someday but not this early. So I bought the 20pin Tiny ADS-integrated cable and a used Dell D610 for its RS232 port, installed the whole INPA package, and realized it doesn't cover DME 3.1 Then through hours of reading in forums, I learned that I have to use GT1/EasyDIS for my 3.1. Installed it, read more pdfs, trial and error, and I did my very first "short test."

It wasn't exactly a "short test" for it lasted for a couple of minutes. I wish I had a screenshot to share with you guys of how many fault codes it pulled Some of them were out of date and some were fairly new.

My way-too-early DME troubleshooting journey all started with a sudden performance problem. I was driving home from work and two miles away from home, as expected, slow traffic in the freeway, as I slow down upon exiting the carpool lane, it died At first, I thought it's nothing. Depressed the clutch to coast, and restarted the car. It started like normal until it died again as I close the throttle. Now I'm worried. Uphill red lights, a manual gearbox, power steering, and a dying car definitely means trouble. I have to get out of the way ASAP and head home as safe as possible. So I did the "stomp test" and it gave me a TPS code. Having no idea of how old the TPS was and forums saying it's a "common" problem, I did a basic resistance test to the said sensor. Specs say it should be ~1k-4k ohms in the variable terminals and I got .9k-5k ohms. I have no idea of the tolerance of DMEs but I decided to buy a replacement part anyway.

I ordered a Hella TPS, received it, and installed it. Same problem. Resistance varies from .75k to 4.5k ohms and the car is somewhat hunting idle. So I contacted the seller, returned it, and bought a genuine one from someone else. Slapped it in the car and this time I thought of resetting the DME by unplugging the battery ground for an hour. Reconnected everything, started it, and it ran like normal. I do not know if resetting the DME or the newer TPS "solved" the problem but I went ahead, drove it, and hoped for the best. I bought groceries, ran thru the gears, and drove it to work.

Approximately 50 miles later, the car felt weird and the CEL begin to light up momentarily for a couple of seconds and off again. So I have to exit the freeway and keep the revs high enough despite the rotten egg fumes in a stop. This time, it threw a 1222 code. Resetting the DME doesn't work anymore. I have to call AAA and have it towed home.

I do not know how old the fuel injection components are but I went ahead and replaced all 6 injectors and the fuel filter. It seems like they've been there since birth so I thought even if replacing them will not likely fix the problem, it'll be better to have a known baseline. I also have a new O2 sensor, DME coolant temp sensor, and a CCV valve sitting around.

The problem used to only appear in closed-loop mode (I think) but now, it runs rich after a minute of operation. Unplugging the MAF sensor stabilizes the idle and according to the "short test," my MAF, TPS, and O2 sensor are faulty. So I bought a cheapo MAF from ebay (yeah, i know) and it's worse than the original one. It cannot hold idle Unplugging it makes it run "better" so I think I have another faulty "new" component.

My intro might be in the wrong section but that's why I'm here. I need to zero in the problem and I think that using GT1/EasyDIS will lead me there. So I'm not starting to learn DIS for fun but out of desperation.

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