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  1. E39 540i with M5 cluster, speedometer stopped working after ZCS Expert session
  2. Bmw e60 egs zf 6hp19 clunck at engine start
  3. Winkfp signature check failed when flashing ZBE controller
  4. Ccc profesional update
  5. E81 2007 DME down grade
  6. SRS box swap out question, '02 E39
  7. Fxx-/Ixx-/Gxx-series NCD / CAFD Tool v5.2
  8. Combox retrofit, possible to code bluetooth features??
  9. Progman V32 Disk 2
  10. Mini copper r56 2007 putt battey wrong way ecu blown
  11. Looking for msv801.prg
  12. no fdl description
  13. f30 adaptive headlight out of coding
  14. ISTA-D test plan calculation not possible
  15. Rolson Digital Multimeter
  16. FEM vo coding problem
  17. Road Map Europe MOVE To NEXT North Africa
  18. Professional HU Service numbers
  19. troubles connecting ista/p to e46
  20. FSC Codes
  21. NCS Expert Error +UEU5
  22. Having an issue with 2005 M3, all other BMWs are fine
  23. CAFD File Button is not Clickable
  24. Convert FAS to BFS
  25. NBT/NBTevo generator.
  26. Help me build a ZCS to support L322 Range Rover in INPA
  27. 2003 e46 manual swap coding issue
  28. WinKFP datatransmission disturbed
  29. Easy DIS
  30. E60 voice control FSC activation through ISTA/P
  31. Second hand FRM2 coding for Mini R56 2009
  32. F20 HU_ENTRY Radio country selection
  33. E70 problem after changing FRM3 module
  34. Request BMW CarPlay Active file for ID6
  35. E70 DSC VIN-change possible?
  36. CarPlay - Already have FSC
  38. copy VO from frm to cas
  39. Retrofit leather sports seats in 335
  40. S606A Navigation System Business
  41. Extracting File System from swfl File
  42. ENET cable with AOS Portal
  43. Change scale map view
  44. Vin change module
  45. bmw x5 f15 commercial conversio airbag help?
  46. Program oil level sensor
  47. Rheingold - ISTA D langauge packs
  48. Filter_fzg_block?
  49. installing a new battery using ista-p
  50. Retrofit Aux Coding problems
  51. NCS Help
  52. Fold Mirrors problem E46
  53. BMW E70 2010 INPA(and not only) BATTERY REGISTRATION, how to correct/delete?
  54. Help me code my E93
  55. Airbag module 0x90 error after coding with NCSExpert
  56. Winpfk updating Communication Protocol ICOM
  57. Speedlimit info kafas2
  58. NBT EVO bench coding
  59. BMW F20 paddle shifters doesn't work
  60. Edc module after replacement
  61. iDrive wheel doesn't work properly
  62. 2001 E53 DME (used) swap what tool i need to?
  63. Indication cruise e90
  64. Made a Valiant Attempt to BRICK the CAS Module and Failed (luckily). HELP!
  65. ISTA/P: Error 1000 Coding DSC and SZL
  66. Best Software?
  67. Display key programming
  68. Difference between softwares?
  69. E39 vo
  70. Error when trying to do SG_CODIEREN to 2URAD
  71. NCS Expert suddenly stopped working
  72. Help on this coded mph
  73. E46 vin error in inpa and ista
  74. Different/Wrong VINs in FG (e39)
  75. Retrofit alarm in E92 M3 and program with ISTA D/P
  76. E61 535xi not running after MHD Tune Removal -- ISTA set up... where from here?
  77. Disable the DTC fully in Sport+ mode
  78. G30 headlight coding / programming
  79. DIY Beginner - ICOM/Kess/Coding
  80. Esys 3.30.1 Launcher Pro 2.8.1
  81. Need help coding R1200GS LC with e-sys
  82. F36 issue with rear view camera
  83. E53 X5 Air Suspension
  84. Any way to code these things in expert mode for an F86?
  85. How do I enable rear fog light button? I just installed the new headlight switch
  86. X5 E53 ABS/DSC Pump Bleeding Help
  87. X5 E70 IHKA Basic to High retrofit
  88. E70 X5 Cruise control retrofit
  89. code X-Drive back on
  90. ista connection problem with interface (adjustment of idle speed)
  91. ista connection problem with interface (adjustment of idle speed)
  92. ista break connection problem(adjustment of idle speed)
  93. VIM NBT2evo for vin car
  94. Nbt evo retrofit e70
  95. 2010 550i diag and programming
  96. Upgrade transmission ZF6HP19 E90 163cv year 2005
  97. CAS3 new VIN help
  98. Issue adding GR2 to E36/8-Z3 VO for use with MFL steering wheel buttons
  99. Uploading import code w/ ista/p
  100. NBT EVO Retrofit - GPS Signal Problem
  101. NBT: GPS Status Reserved?
  102. BRICKED!!!! A Cautionary Tale.
  103. Mileage Verification.
  104. F020 (F02x, F03x, F08x) DME Error after flashing ECU
  105. Change VIN in NBT Evo?
  106. Battery Relocation Compact BST Coding
  107. NBT Evo missing all text after FDL coding with error
  108. WINKFP error 106
  109. Nav Head Unit M-ASK to M-ASK 2 upgrade & coding
  110. MS43 SW Update - Cant find daten
  111. Kombi/Cluster needle movement parameters
  112. e90 cruise control retrofit problem
  113. BMW M3 vehicle coding E46
  114. 118i E87 LCI Professional Radio replacement
  115. ista D cant access G12 but it access any FXX cars any help
  116. Z4 E85 Instrument Cluster Replacement - Coding/Programming Help!
  117. NCS Expert - COAPI-1000 Error - Can't read FA/VO
  118. Cannot get connection to car
  119. BMW e46 diamond key reprogram
  120. Hu champ 2 navigation
  121. bmw e90 frm dead after battery disconnect
  122. i want to code my f10 to reverse with door open
  123. bmw f13 cheat sheet for esys?
  124. CarPlay And Idrive 6.0 on 2015 F82
  125. ISTA not registered
  126. Add swedish language to CIC
  127. Flash CIC E-Series with Ethernet
  128. AMP60 corrupted flash
  129. VO coding help needed
  130. How to lock MRS airbag module error 93D6 ?
  131. Question about E-sys software/token
  132. Bmw X3 E83 2008 new battery Amp Coding NO CAS module
  133. Gearbox swap 6hp26->6hp28 in pre LCI e60 535d
  134. Help
  135. mini r57
  136. Help! Updated var software, got heavy steering and DCS fault codes
  137. Need direction on programming Z4 E85
  138. CIC Programming STATUS 12 BMW E92
  139. NCS Vehicle Option Codes - PU00/PU01
  140. Need Coding Pittsburgh
  141. anyone with a working VM for Windows Vista 7?? dreaded net-0009 error..
  142. Dme
  143. Are the BMW 2018 HIGH Map discs available ?
  144. New to Coding/ Manual Swap Coding help need.
  145. Arabic language for cic
  146. MULF in active diagnose mode
  147. What is mean about below massage?
  148. Angel eye brightness
  149. Deep obd coding steering angle sensor
  150. E65 upgrade LM to LMII (LMII from E60)
  151. HELP! Active stabilization commission issue
  152. Coding the JBE (Junction box electronics) module
  153. BMW Road Map Europe PREMIUM 2018-1
  154. F30 business nav - bmw apps
  155. Can I Activate Lane Departure System
  156. Supercharged E36 413 bin tuning
  157. nbt2evo
  158. NCS Expert 3.1.0 error code!
  159. Help please with ISTA
  160. BMW E60 (2004) Cruise Contro coding.
  161. Transmission Reset Adaptations Values vs Reset Learning Functions
  162. NCS EXPERT;Following feature is invalid HELP?
  163. e90 dipped beam warning light on dash
  164. Help Adding A Screen Saver
  165. S1000RR RCK3 VCI Module alternatives?
  166. bmw f10 retrofit nav and 10'' CID
  167. Help me make sense of AKMB Speedo / Tacho coding
  168. Map Update
  169. Update dde ecu not found after updating daten files.anyone
  170. 2011 Mini R56 DSC coding problem
  171. BMW E65 ZGM Coding Problem Please Help!
  172. Flash e-series CIC to v41 software failed
  173. Key programming
  174. What are recommended diagnostic programs for E46?
  175. ISTA/P programming with K+DCAN(USB-OBD2)
  176. BMW 750 il 1994
  177. X3 E83 DRL whit light switch in auto
  178. Coding parking brake actuator
  179. Problems after DME/EWS swap
  180. Latest e89 Daten files?
  181. Just bought 2010 X3 - lights now on dash
  182. Airbag ACSM 93D7 - ECU Internal Error
  183. E71 X6 2011 activate cruise control with option 544
  184. BMW Mini Coding issues
  185. HELP! I bricked my car
  186. Bmw e63 kombi errors
  187. Anyone upgraded NBT to ID6?
  188. E71 M-ASK -> CCC retrofit + RFK
  189. ISN mismatch/missing after BMW Multi Tool New Key Made (all keys missing)
  190. question:rheingold ISTA-P and NIC
  191. BMW N43 2A99 2A87 Errors
  192. I Flash software
  193. Help wanted by remote
  194. BMW e46 2004 km
  195. Frm3 problem
  196. Need repair FSC file for CIC
  197. dude change vin tcu
  198. Has anyone flashed a 1M DME onto a 135?
  199. Updating 2009 e90 CIC
  200. Newb questions.
  201. nsc expert error
  202. can someone send me revtors profile for ncs expert 4.0.1?
  203. Rheingold ISTA D Test plan
  204. CIC unit update fault address 63
  205. Replacing combox
  206. E84 NCS issues
  207. 2004 530i In need of help in Olympia 98433.
  208. Help! Novice coder ballesd things up
  209. E39 ABS programming
  210. e 60 egs coding
  211. Rheingold - ISTA D langauge packs
  212. List of all the options that can be coded into each car
  213. Car doesnt start
  214. Bmw tools 2.12 file not found
  215. Rheingold 4.04.12 / SDP 4.04.11 / ISTA-P 3.61
  216. INPA Coding software for N55
  217. is it possible??
  218. CIC and Combox Retrofit issues
  219. Does anyone know about TPMS system using ISTA Rheingold
  220. How to load FSCs into E60 with D-Can Cable
  221. Bmw e87 e88 frm module 9230453
  222. Coding choices
  223. Issue Flashing E53 X5 TCM with WinKFP
  224. Coding of EPS
  225. Bench Coding Rig
  226. IFH NOT FOUND when starting INPA - ADS Interface - Need INPA 3?
  227. Daten questions
  228. Looking for coder in stuttgart, Germany
  229. E36 OBD1 - Error writing to ABG (ZAE2.C05) but no problem reading it..
  230. AGM Battery Registration Instructions
  231. Reprogram Comfort Access E66
  232. Airbag error with system time
  233. Mini R56 DSC coding problem
  234. Ista p/d rheingold - no connection with host
  235. Coding Options
  236. help E60 daten files and headunit not coded correctly
  237. Engine temperature on e92 M3 kombi
  238. Alpina D3 TCU
  239. need advice?!?! ista-p/ ista-d
  240. Sp-daten
  241. bmw-zf-6hp8hp-transmission-swap-matching
  242. BMW INPA or Code Reader for Novice?
  243. LCI N55 E90 Windows up/Close Sunroof/Mirrors Open on Lock Button
  244. Finding version from daten files?
  245. Airbag replacement / reflashing
  246. [F22] MOST bus audio enable help
  247. Newbie on NCS Expert - coding not taking effect?
  248. E60 Transfer case recalibration; which program?
  249. TV retrofit
  250. [M5Brothers] Tutorial how to code folding mirrors [E60]