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Old 08-22-2018, 06:03 PM
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Default 2012 X5 E70 35i Cranks with No Start Showing 5 Codes

Hope this reaches the One who can guide me in the right direction....
This site is truly fascinating, but it is so foreign to me. I am very green with BMW's but knowledgeable in cars with the ability to do most things on a combustion motor. But this is a whole different magilla, if that's a word.
In advance any help is appreciated and I thank you much!

I have a 2012 X5 e70 35i, my first BMW. After having and driving this vehicle, it sure will be difficult to have anything else. I thought my full size crew cab 4WD GMC lifted truck was cool, but now it sits in the driveway getting washed a lot is all.

The X5 cranks but will not fire and run. I am such an idiot for not properly maintaining the car but I did. I just work big hours and the car runs so great all the time that I kinda forgot. That's not true, I neglected this beautiful car and accept full responsibility for it. Please forgive me, it will never happen again.

The obvious stuff like a dirty air filter, MAF had a litte junk on it, etc etc. The codes that have come up show as follows as "3 Pending" and "2 Permanent". Is this normal to have them classified as such, "Pending" and "Permanent"?
I looked them up and the range of suggested problems is vast in my eyes. The codes under Pending are P1030, P0113, and P0111. Under the Permanent column they are P0171 and P2402. I am hoping this is helpful to anyone who can provide me with some information that could get this started.

Couple of things I should mention about what it's doing. The engine cranks but it sounds a little different than it did before. It seems that the motor cranks at a faster rate than it did before, almost like there is no compression, or very little anyway. when engine is cranked over, it spins and spins and about every couple of seconds it sounds like it is going to start because you can hear that initial fire in maybe A cylinder maybe even a second or third but that dies quickly and continues to turn over, then another second or two later it's the same thing with what sounds like it is going to fire up again. I did have a problem with the battery and had been jumping it for 2-3 days previous to it not starting. I picked up a new one at a local parts store and replaced the battery. I have had the warning light saying that the motor was running at a reduced power level. On occasion over the past couple of months, after starting the engine it would fire up but immediately power down and shut off. This was a little more infrequent, but it I could feel that the motor would almost like stutter a bit for just a moment. The check engine light came on solid but would then shut off shortly after that, like 3-4 days. Then would come back on 2-3 weeks later and stay illuminated for about the same amount of time, maybe a day or two longer or so. There is approximately 170,000 miles on the car and it is pretty solid for the most part. I intentionally bought with high miles so that I could see if BMW was the Ultimate Driving Machine that I wanted in my life. I can honestly say that these cars are epic on all levels and surely it will be one that I,ll always have in my garage. I hope the information that I have provided is enough to kick start a conversation here and guide me in a direction to get back in this machine.

Again, I thank you for any feedback.

Last edited by aps4u; 08-22-2018 at 06:16 PM. Reason: Forgot to add a detail on the symptoms.

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cranks no start, e70

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